Innovative ideas 260

TVPortal_540x312I have broken my innovative ideas down to a more concise focus now: As I want to go into the Television industry in the future I thought it would be best to build my ideas around the industry.

My idea (in it’s basic form) is a new TV format, which could take off with the upcoming Smart TV phenomenon. Smart TV’s are thought to become present in the majority of households within the next few years, and with Internet and interactive apps/Xbox’s etc becoming more prevalent and common, television is looking to take its first real steps into becoming its own ‘ultra-interactive’ platform, so as to keep up with its competition. With this in mind, my first, seemingly obvious thought was that quiz show contestants did not have to stop at the people inside the studio – with the familiar ‘call in’ question for viewers at home being the extent of real participation in quiz shows. I propose that a Quiz show format that allows viewers to play a long via a webcam or voice recognition device for real cash prizes is brought about.


With the base of my idea set, I now have to look into the specifics, as there is a lot of different avenues to go down with this idea. My original idea consists of a regular game show format (e.g. catchphrase, pointless etc.) with an interactive option allowing viewers to ‘opt in’ and play a long through this voice recognition/webcam in a way that allows their answers to be logged in a national scoreboard system – and at the end of the week, the viewer with the most point wins a cash sum (could include an ‘extra’ option where people pay £1 for the chance to win 10 bonus points).

Alternatively, the shows contestants could be entirely based on the viewers at home, with webcam streams set up to communicate to particular households between rounds, similar to the ‘Embarrassing bodies: live from the clinic’ series. This would only require one host in the studio and rely fairly heavily on digital and interactive technology. Four households with the highest points could be selected at the end of the show (points may be very similar with this type of show so they may have to be randomly selected) and go into a final round to win the final cash prize.


My final idea came from the Wall Four project in Birmingham. This project is an interactive, feature-length crowd game for cinema screens that allows the crowd to complete games and tasks together. This is an interesting idea as, to my knowledge it has never been done before in the form of a TV format. It would be possible to create a TV format that groups together random players from across the nation who then compete together against others to win a cash sum.

I do not think my idea would be possible or successful if it was thrown out to audiences right now, but within the next few years and upcoming advancements in this field, it could be the starting point of a new way of viewing television.

Feel free to comment with your opinions and give me some feedback!


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