Long Portrait

I was given the task of creating a one minute long portrait, with no use of sound or text. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 20.29.33I’m not quite sure how my video will be perceived by my lecturers – I have set up my shot, it’s well lit, the camera is well set (considering I didn’t have a tripod) and I used depth of field, but it is very basic. It is a cinematography task, but I have layered and edited the shot, which becomes the main focal point of the portrait. My justification, is that this task asked us to represent ourselves, and that’s what I have done. I am the television personified, my eyes are the screen and when I tap my head, as you may tap a television set if it isn’t working properly, the screens fill up with moving image and photographs – which, I shot myself. So, I managed to incorporate a small showreel into the portrait and show off my skills in other locations. I smile when the footage is running because I enjoy making and watching films and TV shows. The signal cuts out at the end, which could be perceived as my uncertainty of being able to get a job in the industry in the future. I am consumed by television itself in this portrait – but, I am a media student and am taking the television studio module this year so it’s no surprise I worked it into my portrait, I suppose at the moment it is a very important part of my life, I am studying it after all. 

It could be argued that by hiding my eyes the, “windows to the soul”, I’m not allowing the viewer to see all of my true self, but – again, I am possibly conveying more by replacing them with screens and the footage that plays is allowing the viewer to see some of the things and places I have been to and seen. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 20.30.10

“Don’t watch too much TV, it’ll give you square eyes!” – never has this saying been so apt. 

My long portrait video


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