Would You Rather? Film Review


Would You Rather is a sadistic Thriller movie released in 2012.

The film follows Iris (Brittany Snow), a young woman struggling to make ends meet following the untimely death of her parents, and terminally ill younger brother Raleigh (Logan Miller). Just as things reach a new low, a suspicious aristocrat makes an appearance…offering Iris endless wealth and medical help if she can complete one game at a dinner party, which involves seven other desperate souls.

A dark twist on the child’s game ‘Would You Rather’ leaves the guests playing for their lives.

The film is classed as a Horror/Thriller, I would add cringe in if that too was a genre. The film wasn’t particularly scary as such, but Psychological Thriller definitely fits – with a fair amount of gruesome activity, but not so much that you need a pillow to grasp. It’s definitely not a dinner party I would like to go to.

The film basically follows a similar premise to the ‘Saw’ franchise – a sick, twisted game being played among people in a low situation run by a sadistic antagonist. Obviously, this film is totally different from Saw, it’s nowhere near as gory but there are similarities – maybe what Saw would have been like if he were a lot nicer. In any case, this film definitely had it’s moments of pure engagement. I mean, waiting in suspense as a man decides whether to get shot or slit his own eye open with a razor is definitely an intriguing move. And I have to say, I had no nails left by the credits.

On a more negative note, though the film tries to keep the tension levels high, it often comes across fairly dull – mainly during the first half of the game, I was tempted to fast forward. I didn’t though, which I suppose is a good sign.

I’d only ever seen Brittany Snow in comedies, musicals and light dramas; films like Pitch Perfect, Hairspray and teen movie John Tucker Must Die. And she plays that type of character well, so I was interested in seeing whether she’d be able to pull off the tortured mind type. Which she did, she was a convincing character and it really shows the variety she can bring to the table.

The film does allow you to question how you would cope under such horrific circumstances and we see all the different perspectives on the game. We see Amy – who appears completely dehumanised, a noble ex army-man, the voice of logic and reason – among a few others. Making such sick decisions with 15 – 30 seconds is definitely the definition of pressure – I mean, what would you do?

The ending is by far the best part of the film, and if you don’t want to know why then look away now!….OK, young Iris in a moment of panic and weakness pulls the trigger on her morals leaving her the winner of the game. Unfortunately, it turns out that leaving her ill brother alone for the night with the intention of saving him, left him with the opportune moment to take his own life. Leaving poor Iris with nothing but the haunting memory of a really bad night out.

Give it a watch, even if you’re squeamish I’m sure you can handle it. Though I don’t recommend you take any dinner party tips from the film, unless you really dislike your guests.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it5XICr93wU – check out a trailer here


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