Week Six TV Studio – and Live show!

This week really consisted of one practise session on Monday the 13th of May, and our live performance on the following day!

Our practise session went really well!

Obviously we had some technical difficulties – let’s face it, where there is technology there will always be some sort of problem but we overcame them fairly efficiently and we were running through the entire show with minimal problems – and we were right on the twelve minute mark!


The live performer turned up so I was able to do a soundcheck with him and then all my levels were set and ready. We set up the SM58 microphones – they were going to be slightly awkward as they would have to be sneakily stored away out of sight and then during ‘Rey’s review’ VT as the whole set shifted, the microphones would also need to be plugged in, set up, and positioned. Changing the set itself had no problems when we ran through it, although one of the microphone stands became loose and did not stay up for the singer to sing into. But we got around this by taping the microphone stand into place! And I managed to set the levels and mix the sound down well with no problems.

We have all of our timings, the set looks great, lighting is looking effective – and it was decided a black out just before the performance would be a better transition, which was all looking good. With everybody feeling confident about our final rehearsal, yet still slightly nervous about the following day we packed away and decided for everyone to meet in Ellen Terry at 10:30am to be ready with the equipment at 11am. I noticed a few problems with the radio microphones cutting out at the end of the session, they worked fine on the most part but I asked if it was possible to hire an extra rifle microphone, just in case!

Day of the performance:


Everybody arrived bright and early at Ellen Terry and we set up in ten minutes, it was all looking good but there were still strange static noises coming through the radio microphones: which the group before had problems with as well. It turns out the lavalier packs were running on the same frequencies so we quickly changed them onto different frequencies and they didn’t give us any problems after that. We had both rifle microphones feeding through sound just in case a microphone cut out, but I had one muted at all time so the levels didn’t go too high. Another problem sound wise, though the SM58 microphones both worked for the first run through, I stopped getting a signal through on one of them after that, I told studio sound and I suggested putting the rifle microphone facing the performer, within three feet so that the sound didn’t come off as ‘too distant’, a common effect of the rifle microphone. I wasn’t entirely happy using the rifle mic, but it was just to get the ambient sound and pick up what it could – otherwise the guitar was barely coming through. I worked with what I had. When you’re mixing live you can alter any problems as they come and fix them pretty quickly so overall, I think it came out well in the end.

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 00.37.01

We got about four takes in, and yes there were minor problems in each of them but we overcame every problem as quickly as we could during the shoot, we worked as a team and acted professionally. We all made sure our guests were comfortable, especially our expert – he gave us all lots of extra information for our websites and his interview went really went; obviously it can be pretty intimidating working with a group of students, but we were all really friendly and professional and he seemed happy.

So, these six weeks have flown by – and I’m really proud of the whole crew, we all did really well and I’m proud of everyone, well done guys!

Check out our TV show here:



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