161 Net TV Creative Critical Process

Facebook ideas poll

Facebook ideas poll

For the television studio task, we were put into groups and allocated themes. Our group was given the theme of ‘fantasy’, so we all met up to discuss some possibilities for the content of our show – and with fantasy being a very broad topic, we ended up having a lot of really engaging ideas. Before the first meeting we produced a group Facebook page so that we could all keep in constant contact and start brainstorming straight away through the use of polls – which helped us see what area of fantasy the group was leaning towards, this way we had the key speaking points of the group meeting ready.

We came up with a number of possible ideas for our shows content, which included:

  • Mystical creatures – discussion of the existence of fairies, vampires, werewolves etc. which would include videos, sightings, witnesses – possible interviews with a fantasy creature.
  • A show that is based on another planet and includes characters from Star Wars or Lord of the Rings etc. – interviews with beings such as wizards or iconic characters like Darth Vader who discuss human activity – ‘Have you ever seen a human?’ segments etc.
  • A show that reviews recently released fantasy films; this would include trailers, posters, interviews with critics and directors; as well as upcoming fantasy films.
  • Discuss and debate a controversial issue – a different topic would be discussed every week – to include: interviews with witnesses/experts, videos of sightings etc.
Facebook group post informing all on content

Facebook group post informing all on content

We ran through the pros and cons of each idea, originally we were leaning towards the inclusion of typical fantasy characters but the cost may have been too high, and there is always a chance that it would end up looking amature.

Eventually we decided upon the idea of debating controversial issues, and this week would be looking at the existence of UFOs!

This topic is particularly accessible. People have been discussing and questioning the reality of UFOs for years, and there is plenty of information, films, YouTube video sightings, and most importantly – people have very strong personal views and opinions on the topic. I did some research into UFOs; the earliest recorded sighting I found dates all the way back to 329 BC witnessed by Alexander the great in central Asia who saw two great “flying shields”. *read more about this case and more here: http://www.ufoevidence.org/Cases/CaseView.asp?section=sortoldest

It appears that the UFO phenomenon has been apparent throughout recorded history, and have remained consistent in the appearance of a ‘flying saucer’ and the experiences in general appear fairly similar. From this, we can see that the existence of UFOs have always been present, and highly intriguing as the reality of such things would completely change the way we look at the Universe – which is what makes it such a good theme for our show.

CAD of the set

CAD of the set

The main structure of our TV show fell into place fairly quickly, we had a good idea of how to make our show as interesting as possible, and meet the requirements of the module. The set design is very important for our show, we really wanted to capture the right look to create an engaging outer-space style, fitting our theme nicely. This included some key focal points that we thought would accentuate the fantasy theme. Such as:

  1. Lava lamps – lit up
  2. Plasma Balls (and stand)
  3. Black drapes on the backdrop
  4. Glow in the dark stars stuck on backdrop
  5. Bright coloured objects – luminous green cushions (for a sofa/chair)

As well as these ‘fantasy’ themed set design objects we also wanted to be in keeping with conventional magazine show object/set

part of the set design

part of the set design

codes such as:

  1. A coffee table
  2. rug to cover the floor (black)
  3. glasses of water on the table
  4. sofa
  5. A laptop on the table – for Twitter interaction, notes etc.

We did initially discuss the possibility of chroma keying, as we do possess the necessary equipment in the TV studio. We could have given a more 3D outer space effect. It would have been cheaper than buying a backdrop, and easier – if somebody had used it before or was familiar with it. Unfortunately nobody had used it before, and we decided we could make a good backdrop ourselves, and hopefully it would be fairly cheap – this was easier than the possibility of the chroma key not working or experiencing technical difficulty on the day, as it would possibly take up more of our time especially with nobody having prior experience with it.

Our producer managed to get us sponsored, so we received £80 from our sponsor, which was a massive help and we put this money towards our set, so it ended up working in our favour anyhow!

Laura – the producer also made some on screen graphics for the intro and outro to our show. It’s really in keeping with the theme and looks great. Director Ross also made graphics using after effects for our ‘coming up’ section so these graphics alone should hook the viewers straight away.

VT’s are an incredibly important part of any magazine show, and we were lucky as there are many UFO viral videos on YouTube. We discussed are VT’s at length, as we wanted them to really engage the audience and make them think. We wanted two YouTube home sightings of UFOs and quickly decided we could get the audience to vote for which video seemed more realistic via Twitter by #DoYouBelieve. Furthering our audience participation, our VT team went onto the streets of Coventry and asked the public their opinions on the subject. We thought it would be best for our third presenter to appear in the final VT, so they could discuss what was shown on the show after. This VT was entitles ‘Rey’s Review’ – which consisted of our presenter reviewing a UFO documentary ‘I Know What I Saw’.

Follow this link to see our Net TV YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NetTVDoYouBelieve?feature=watch


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