Professional Development 161

The 161 module is based around learning how to create an impact and professional image in the media industry – predominantly through online social media and how we can expand and improve our professional profiles.

One of the first tasks of the 161 module included creating an individual brand logo, which helped us think about how we want to be identified and perceived in the professional world.

first attempt at logo

first attempt at logo

UK360 logo

UK360 logo

The internet is the best and easiest way to get your work known, and to get involved with projects and companies. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter definitely have had a huge impact on my development in the professional world. From specially set up Facebook groups such as ‘Professional opportunities’ to Twitter sites such as @ITVCareers and @UK360 allposting the latest opportunities for media hopefuls. The internet provides a chance to apply for apprenticeships and internships, with a wide range of choices. Personally, I have applied for ITV, BBC, Lime Productions, radio etc. and it would be naive to think that these companies do not check out your personal profiles (some sites require you to make your own on profile with portfolios, pictures, personal info for easier access). With this in mind, I have been attempting to create a professional appearance on my social networking sites (not always easy when you’re a student). I have been particularly careful with my Twitter account, I have linked my blog to my social networking sites for easy access to my work, and this seems to have had a positive reaction. For a start, I was recently ‘followed’ on Twitter by UK360, and have now got involved with their work as a researcher and the chance to be credited if my research is used. There are many other opportunities available in UK360, which I have discussed  with them in terms of opportunities with script editing etc. and I am excited to see where it goes.

I think your online identity is incredibly important, and a consistent style leaves you memorable to producers and companies looking for workers. Because of this I am progressing with my own logo design, I am not entirely pleased with my first original design, though there are aspects of it that I am fond of, such as the eye with the bright flare inside it. The idea sparked that I could create a logo that was based around an eye with the reflection of a video camera inside, as this is a direct connotation of the visual art.

Facebook page 'FML Productions'

Facebook page ‘FML Productions’

I created an official Facebook page for my production company ‘FML Productions’ so that I could ensure a professional setting and post any work and portfolios on there, as well as being able to communicate with people easily. Also, a group of fellow students and myself are working on an independent short film this coming Summer, we have received a good amount of funding and pre-production has gone perfectly so we are all ready to film on time. Tash, the writer set up a Facebook page for the film ‘Once Bitten Twice Shy’ that includes updates of our progress, posters, information and it helps us raise awareness of the film.

After working on our TV studio websites on and seeing how easy it is to create a website we also decided to create a website for the film, which again, was set up and designed by the scriptwriter. We included information on the film on the site, and cast and crew profiles to raise awareness of everyone involved. We each wrote a paragraph about ourselves and our roles, which were then posted onto the site. We also added social links to the films official Facebook and Twitter pages so that the audience can get more involved and interact with the project.

Facebook and Twitter links

Facebook and Twitter links

We have been able to apply everything we have learnt from this module and put it into practise for our own brands, projects, and profiles and I have found that if done correctly, it really works. So I would definitely say my professional profile has expanding, and will continue to. I have learnt a lot about how to present myself and my work to the industry and to the world, and how to promote, fundraise and apply for opportunities. It’s all about knowing where to look, or where to post…and it really makes a difference.


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