Week Five TV Studio

This is it…our final week before the live show!


More time would be nice, although honestly after this weeks success I am confident we will pull it off. The start of the week we encountered a few problems, we starting planning and practising questions for the Storm Trooper, but were still waiting for him to respond and confirm. Also our timings keep changing and for some reason; despite filling 10 minutes (leaving 2 minutes for the performance at the end of the show) Tuesday’s session left us short – and we were all slightly confused as to what had changed. Other than that it was running smoothly, and falling into place well.

As we got into midweek things improved dramatically…

The final script was uploaded to the Facebook group for the presenters to learn and go over, and more importantly we had some new and really impressive graphics created by our producer, Laura uploaded onto the Facebook group, we all gave our feedback and the overall consensus of the group were in favour of using the graphics and everyone was really happy with the outcome. It definitely fit the theme with the starry, outer-space background and engaged the viewers attention straight away, which is what we want when introducing a show. On the 9th we got an expert confirmed, which was a huge relief. Our expert: Michael Soper is currently researching electroquantics, investigates UFOs, he has written and been published many times in the field of science, maths and more specifically UFO’s and he seems like a perfect guest for our show. The script writer got straight onto writing up some questions for the presenters to ask him for our last few run through sessions.

Myself operating sound

Myself operating sound

In terms of sound I have all of the levels sorted, we have been lucky in that nothing has peaked or had any particular trouble – all except for some trouble with interference still, this is an annoyance but, generally it has worked fine. I noticed some problems with the radio microphones at the end of Friday’s session. Normally if there is a problem with the microphones I can fix it but this was a pretty strange noise, and we ran out of time before I could really look into it, the lavalier packs were working fine and there were no problems with the rifle microphone so I knew it would be a case of going through the lavalier packs menu and seeing what exactly was not right. We also decided to hire SM58 microphones as well (two of these) for the live performance, which has also been confirmed – a member of the crew knows a band and the frontman was happy to come a long and play his guitar and sing. As rifle microphones don’t pick up musical instruments too well, and SM58’s are widely used amongst singers and work brilliantly. As I have used them before for musical shows such as ‘We Will Rock You’ I think they will give us a clear and pleasing outcome.


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