Researcher role for UK360

So, I have begun searching for relevant, high quality documentaries made by small UK based producers e.g. student films.

It’s not as easy as typing in what you want on YouTube or Vimeo or Google, because they never give you what you’ve searched for, that or you find a documentary with great subject matter which will fit the content of a UK360 programme perfectly, but the quality is just not TV worthy at all. OR you find a documentary that in technical terms, looks brilliant, but the subject matter is just not there. Another thing that I cannot stand is all of these unnecessary ‘artsy’ shots that randomly appear for no reason, that seem to drag out for half of the actual film with no known relevance, please stop!

I have found some brilliant films, and the search is not over, and won’t be for as long as I manage to deliver decent pieces…they are out there, they just aren’t easy to find!

Wish me luck on my quest..


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