Week Three TV Studio

We had three studio sessions this week (23rd, 25th and the 26th of April). We’re all now comfortable and working efficiently in our roles, which is helpful. We’re still waiting on hearing back from the expert/guest – and everyone is anxious to get it confirmed but it looks as though the producer has all that near enough sorted with a few people interested.


We have been taking more behind the scenes pictures and videos for our websites and these are all being uploaded onto our Facebook page so everyone can access them. We have all been asked to write four lines about ourselves and our roles as well, which again – will be able to be posted onto our websites.

The set design is coming a long really well and it looks great. The set designer issued some really fitting ideas and it seems to be coming together nicely. The overall look of the set is really important as it represents the overall theme of our show and has to be able to entice the viewer and enhance our interior. They’ve bought a black rug to cover up the grey, cold studio floor, and got hold of a coffee table to give a conventional, professional look. The backdrop really fits, they managed to by a black backdrop and stick glow in the dark stars onto it, simple but effective. We did consider a chroma key filter initially but – nobody really knew how to use it and in my opinion the set they have managed to design and pull off works well.

283844_10152820828395263_520670598_n (1)

On the 26th we also hired out a camera and one of our crew members took pictures of thewhole crew and uploaded them onto the Facebook page so we can stick them onto our websites – extra features are necessary for the website and on most official television sites such as ‘The One Show’ or ‘This Morning’ they have extras, which include ‘meet the crew’ and ‘behind the scenes’ features; important for allowing the audience to carry out research into the show and it adds a more personal, and interactive aspect to our websites.

This week has been very productive, I think we’re pretty far ahead in terms of set – though we are still in need of a lava lamp!

Sound remains the same, though next week we are definitely getting the radio microphones in so that will be really helpful in gaining a more natural, pleasing sound. Also we are coming along with our VT’s and introduction graphics, so I already have set levels for about half of our show now and the rest should fall into place quickly – plus I will be mixing live at all times to fix any little problems anyway.


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