Net TV – First draft ident

So in terms of the Net TV website, I have begun creating a site using, choosing themes and playing around with what is there to suit our show. It’s a fairly easy programme to use, mainly consisting of ‘click and drag’, so you can make your site quickly and easily – which is helpful if you’re new too the whole creating a website malarkey.

Basically as soon as I clicked on my theme I realised that I didn’t have the focal point of my site sorted, I didn’t have a ‘Net TV’ logo, or symbol… nothing of an ident in sight! Straight away I got to Photoshop CS6 and begun experimenting with fonts and effects. I downloaded the font ‘terminator real NFI’ which is heavily edited to create the final effect, and used YouTube tutorials to help with the process of adding effects which really reflect what our show is about.

I went for a Sci-fi theme, matching with the theme of ‘fantasy’ and our content, UFO’s! and here is what I created…

NET TV logo space

It’s quite hard to see the detail as a small image (click on image to enlarge and see the full effect). I added an ‘outer space’ style, with the lens flare acting as a star or solar beam, and added ‘noise’ which I edited to eventually shine through as stars. Now, this is my first draft, I plan to alter the main text here slightly, positioning and size is a little off at the moment, I also need to think about incorporating our tagline, ‘Do You Believe?’ which will lie under the main title. As this weeks show concentrates on UFO’s specifically I could always edit in a flying saucer of some sort around the logo, but for a header on the website it should be fine as a still image.

Now to re-edit, perfect and finalize!


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