Week Two TV Studio

Week of the 16th of April.


This was our first week back after the Easter break – though we all remained in contact on our Facebook group so that we do not fall behind. Considering the show is only in five weeks we were all really eager to decide on the content of our show, themes, and get a draft of the script done by the 16th – and the script writers and researcher were great, producing a complete script on the Tuesday for our lecture and studio time. Obviously the script will change over the next week or two – possibly longer, due to changes we will inevitably have to make in regards to our expert, our performers and VT’s etc etc – but I am confident in the script and the writers.

Not that many showed up to our sessions this week, I believe we were missing around ten people. This was a set back, it’s fine when people have a genuine reason and can let the producer know but otherwise it left us setting up slower than before and a little confused about how to approach the sessions. Even though a fair few people were not in there was still 14 of us there, so we managed. A few people have been doubled up on roles anyway so for some of the roles it wasn’t a massive issue and though we were slow to start after feeling hindered, we all got into our roles and it became a productive few sessions.


Sound is still not particularly taxing at the moment, the Sennheiser radio microphones have been taken away by a society so we are unable to use them for a while. It isn’t a problem, I already have an idea as to how I am going to mix down the sound levels for the presenters – D’lavi is quieter than Ross so her gain will have to be put higher than his, and the desk seems to be picking up a lot of the bass frequencies from Ross’ voice but that’s easily sorted on the desk by simply increasing the high and mid frequencies and taking down the lower frequencies.

We have had a few meetings and I know other members of the group such as the director, producer and script writer, VT team etc have been meeting up separately to discuss content. But our meetings are going well, the VT team have decided on interviewing the public on their opinions about UFO’s – so that’s audience participation starting already and will help the viewers feel involved. The producer Laura is working on getting us an expert and is in contact with a few societies I believe. She has also managed to get us sponsorship so that will be really helpful considering we are students and are all poor! It looks like we will only need to put in a couple of quid – if that! A few people in the group know people who can perform for us so that’s looking promising, and it’s going pretty well at the moment!


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