Television studio intro 161

So, for our final first year module we have been assigned the task of creating a live television show, for ‘Net TV’ following the theme of fantasy.

With a group of over twenty students, standing in the studio for the first time all together was slightly daunting, but once we broke everything down and started to get into practising some roles it became a lot more comfortable.

Previously, I studied Production Arts, and basically spent two years of my life either in a drama studio…or hanging off the ceiling in the drama studio, rigging lights and operating techie equipment. Walking into the gallery I immediately noticed the Soundcraft lying in the corner of the room, the sound technician inside me took over and my mind instantly decided this is the role I was taking. Which, I have. 🙂

So after pitching to my group some of my previous experience in the role and anxiously awaiting the verdict I was given the role.

Generally in the weeks leading up to Easter we have been getting comfortable with our roles, experimenting and getting used to setting up the equipment quickly and efficiently as we have a limited time slot for recording our show. Though we started off confused and pretty slow, week-by-week we have been setting up our studio quicker, and shows seem to be running a lot more smoothly, increasing our confidence and all round enthusiasm.


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