Geeky Shenanigans – Sound

Soundcraft desk

Soundcraft is a brand of sound mixing desks which I have been working with for three years now. Originally I learnt how to operate sound on a Soundcraft GB8,  and went on to use equipment such as lexicon effects units, lavalier packs, sound cubes, compressor units etc.

Usually, where the sound role is about I would be designing, gathering sound effects, recording in the studio, drawing up cue sheets, working on hand drawn and CAD of the rigged studio space, create equipment lists including images and specifications as well as booking and rigging equipment, to be operated when it comes to show time.

In the case of the TV studio, none of that is particularly necessary, I’ve currently been setting up one basic floor mic, consisting of a basic floor boom standing in the middle of the floor. This is a temporary sound set up, I have requested Sennheiser radio mics for the presenters and any guests, so that I can perfect the sound of each individual voice…I have noticed that some presenters need the frequencies of their voices altering a little bit, and sound levels need to be matched for the most pleasing outcome.

We still have a good few weeks until the show itself, so one soundcheck should allow me to get all the levels I need. It’s a fairly basic show, and admittedly has left me reminiscing of the theatre days, where the work load almost killed me, but was strangely addictive and enjoyable at the same time. Not all fun takes place on the stage, a good adrenaline rush can come from putting the important parts of the show together, be it lighting, set, sound, directing, maintenance and all the other roles which pull a good show together.

Like I said, Soundcraft is a brilliant designer and producer of mixing desks and products you need for a really effective outcome, whatever you’re using it for!
So I’ll just leave this link right here …
Check it out, you might like what you see, you may be a sound technician and just not know it yet. :’).


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