161 TV show content

The designated theme of our TV show is fantasy, giving us a wide range of options to go with for our show.
We sat down as a group to discuss our content, and set up a Facebook page for people to post ideas, and clips they’ve made or found to help us build our show. This kind of task can leave you with a really successful piece of television, or can end up looking incredibly amateur. And surprisingly, we really don’t want our show to comply with the latter. With this in mind we thought our content should rely on something which is not too far-fetched, something people can actually relate to and can spark real interest and debate. So we suggested our show would  be one which looks at a variety of ‘fantasy’ conspiracies, which is where our tagline ‘Do You Believe?’ originated from. This particular show will be focusing on the unanswered question about the existence of UFO’s.

Through the weeks we shall be expanding on our subject, shooting VT’s, getting clips from the internet, interviewing an expert etc. etc.


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