Week one TV Studio


We picked our roles for the television studio a few days ago – on the 19th of March. I pitched for gallery sound and was lucky enough for my group to vote me into that role.

this week is really about getting more comfortable in our roles, it’s the last session with the mentors so after this session we will be working more independently, which I am looking forward to. It’s all well and good being guided at the start but I think without the mentors we will all become more assertive in our own roles and rely on ourselves and each other more.

We were still fairly slow at setting up but it’s a lot quicker than it was when we first came in and I’m confident that in a few weeks we’ll be set up within 10 minutes. I have experience with sound in a theatre setting – but this is my first time working on sound in a television studio so I was excited to run through a practise show with all our designated roles set. In terms of sound this week it was all fairly simple, we only had one rifle microphone booked out because the radio microphones were pre-booked by somebody else so setting up for sound was very fast and I only had three channels to work with, which consisted of the rifle microphone for studio sound and the VT sound channels (7 and 8).

Though I didn’t have anything too complex to deal with it was really helpful to see how everyone worked together, and to get used to the levels of the video tapes and work with set timings, in theatre it didn’t matter too much if we ran over by a few minutes time-wise but in the television studio it’s imperative that we stick to our timings and get good practise of being punctual for our final live show so we can finish exactly on 12 minutes.


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