Reflection 4 – P2P Completion

Our subject: Surendrakumar Bhagat

Our subject: Surendrakumar Bhagat

I believe that as a group we produced an engaging documentary, which was both visually pleasing, and had an interesting story to support it. We got together as a group as often as we could to discuss our documentary throughout the entire process and I think this really helped for us all to get a sense of what we were aiming to achieve and share opinions.

In terms of the editing process, Meera took on the main editors role with the rest of the group viewing the documentary at different stages so that we could give feedback and advice on how to improve. This included, changing the subtitles, as they were not completely fluent or easy to understand on occasion. We also assisted in picking which shots would be the most effective and visually pleasing.

I would have preferred to have more input in the editing process, it was a personal documentary and was difficult for all of us to really get the chance to experiment with the footage.

I learnt a lot about the documentary process, especially with the overall pacing of our product, we initially had tried to fit in more footage than we should have, not leaving enough time for the audience to reflect on what they were watching. So, although we were proud of some of the shots, we cut them out and were left with a much better final product. We got on very well as a group and stayed in constant communication. We could have been more organized in certain areas: setting up, booking out equipment. But, these are things that we can work on and I am pleased with the final product.


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