Reflection 2 – P2P Research

My proposal for the ‘People to People’ documentary was to produce a documentary about Lorraine Lockwood, a cardiac rehabilitation nurse. As she is my mother, growing up listening to her stories, and witnessing first hand how she is affected by these situations was a great help in being able to really visualize the final product, and i felt was the best kind of research. I carried out more primary research by talking to my mother and asking what stories stand out to her, and what she finds important. In terms of secondary research I gathered statistics from the British Heart Foundation website about death rates from heart attack/disease/cardiac arrest/strokes. I read through the papers which Lorraine has had published to gain a better understanding of what she does and her views on the matter and looked into what is going on in the field at present.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 20.56.50

I think my idea could be successful; I got lots of information and have an emotional and personal connection with the documentary, which I believe would reflect in the product if I choose to pursue it.

We chose Meera’s idea, her pitch really stood out. She showed us a hand written letter her granddad had sent over so we could understand what he’d been overcome and how he reflects on it now. We looked into what life was like in India in the 20th Century, the poverty and all the hardships people endured.  I also carried out research into the Hindu religion, as this way of life shapes his values and beliefs, and could be used in the final product (statues of Gods etc to represent this way of life).



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