Mash up Video 161

As a group we created a ‘mash-up’ video using three of our own creations from the module 160, and a variety of other material which we all individually and as a group found on youtube etc. which we thought we could apply effectively in our mash-up.

Originally, we were not sure on what kind of mash-up to do, we considered doing a music video using our footage and compiling it with other material, but we were unconvinced by this idea, as we did not think we could make it work as well as we would want from the footage we had. After a lot of thinking we decided upon making a trailer for student films, we could incorporate our own footage, include interviews with directors, footage from other films and of film crews working. We used dramatic music to create a realistic, engaging effect.

The title ‘Rise of the Student Film’ is intertextual with titles such as ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’. It uses features that are similar to trailers for shows such as Britain’s got Talent and X factor as the trailer is promoting the student talent.

We used clips such as directors talking about their own films or other professional films and twisted them to make it appear as though they are promoting the student films, we also used the Twilight fan girl clip to convey the excitement of the student film (again, putting it in a different context as oppose to its original purpose).

We wanted to portray a really cinematic, professional-looking trailer, which was serious and dramatic – yet comical. To do this we stuck to the typical codes and conventions for sound, quick clip cuts, bold titles and slow motion effects – and much more. But we incorporated comical clips, such as Spongebob Square Pants, the Twilight fan girl, Simon Cowell interviews etc.

We did create a longer version of our mash-up, the ‘extended look’ as our original version ends at 2 minutes, which is a minute short of the necessary time scale. The extended look had more comedic value, including presidential election results won by ‘Sheldon Cooper’ and clips from Jenna Marbles: ‘Thanks Obama!’. Though the extended look was comical, and looked good visually, it meant that our mash-up had two endings, so for the purpose of the most successful mash-up we cut the extended look.

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