Semiotic analysis of online logo 161

logo for 161

FML Productions Logo (click photo for larger image)

A logo is a distinctive symbol/design which identifies a certain brand or organization. They help us recognize these particular organizations, products etc. whilst communicating underlying messages to the audience. Roland Barthes is an important theorist who studied the cultural signs and symbols of images and the intended meanings behind these. I applied the technique of using particular images and compositions to portray a particular meaning and connotation, whilst keeping them subtle enough for the audience to reflect their own ideas about what the logo represents.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 01.43.08Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 01.38.49

My logo was created for a filming brand “FML Productions”. I thought acronyms would be popular amongst contemporary audiences as it is quick to read, easy to remember and causes intrigue – people may become interested to carry out further research into the brand and what the acronym stands for – which is in fact my initials; bringing a personal feel into the brand.

In terms of colour codes, I stuck to dark blue/black with some metallic style blues shining through. This is intertextual with the key colour codes used for DVD cover and poster releases for the film ‘Donnie Darko’, which I incorporated intentionally so that my brand can reflect the film genres and styles which I am interested in and interested in producing (drama, mystery, sci-fi, thriller). I find the stormy background style visually pleasing, the hazy clouds connote the mystery and though it appears sullen it also has areas where light is breaking through the clouds, signifying a positive atmosphere, and optimism.


I used a san serif font called ‘Okula Hayir Soft’ as it is a bold, strong font, which is easy to read. The font is filled with a dark blue colour, as this is in keeping with the colour codes. Unfortunately, the typography and fill on its own did not leave the title very legible, as the title did not stand out, but blended in with the background. To overcome this I created a glow to outline the title, so that it could be easily distinguished.

The eye is an important feature in the logo, I did not want the eye to be overpowering, my intention was to blend the object into the background and place it subtly without losing it completely. Getting the blending right took much experimentation as it sank into the background too much or it was too obvious. The bolt of light in the pupil contrasts with the dark colour codes surrounding the area; I wanted elements to capture peoples’ attention. It also creates a sense of mystery, or suggests that the eye is staring at something peculiar, but intriguing. The eye is a key signifier, it is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, or a way to delve into somebodies mind. This, again links with the style and genre that I want to produce: films concentrate on the way our mind works and the complexities that accompany it. Also, it uses direct mode of address to connect with the audience personally.

Overall, I wanted to create a holistic design with a particular underlying messages – putting across the types of films I am interested in producing and receiving both as a film maker, and a consumer of the media. I did not want to make this message overpowering as I am interested in a wide variety of film genres and styles; but I found the colours, and style of this logo aesthetically and visually pleasing, which I hope will entice an audience.  The logo is also intertextual with skate, and extreme sports logos which is another area I have always had an interest in and I hope will expand the target audience.

I am not entirely happy with the design itself, I think at the moment it is still looking very amateur; however it is a starting point and something I will go onto develop as my own photoshop skills develop.


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2 thoughts on “Semiotic analysis of online logo 161

  1. Serdar says:

    Nice font choice:) As a developer of the okula hayir thank you;)

  2. haha well, thank you very much for the font! it’s definitely one to use 😛

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