160 Documentary treatment

Lorraine Lockwood, is a cardiac rehabilitation nurse, working in Wrexham Maelor Hospital. This profession is becoming increasingly significant as the death rates from cardiovascular disease in both men and women, and the age of people affected is getting lower. I want to look closer at how working with a variety of people, from strangers, to celebrities, to patients with serious mental disorders effects the staff themselves, and what’s changed over the years. Lorraine is very successful in her profession, she is a published author, was personally chosen to lead training videos for upcoming professionals which have been released and consumed word-wide, she presents at many conferences, and seminars and builds strong personal relationships with all of her patients, even when going through her own personal problems, managing to put the patients first.

I believe this is a positive representation of the NHS and it’s staff.

Visually, I want to convey the juxtaposition of the professional relationship, and the personal relationship between Lorraine and her patients and to signify the passion of the job that she has. To do this successfully I may show the professional equipment, models of hearts, new digital applications and images, ECG machines, defribrillators etc. I will contrast this with close up shots of the facial expressions of the subject, including shots in the home, and/or in a comfortable area with typical object codes: pets, photographs and possibly interview shots in Loggerheads, a local popular forested area – and favourite, peaceful area that Lorraine visits often – which also shows the visual beauty of Wales and the local area.

To really accentuate the juxtaposition I will use quick cuts from the interview in the home/Loggerheads with fast paced, action shots of the work being done – equipment being used, a heart beating, an ECG machine printing etc to show all the different sides of the occupation and the hectic lifestyle on the job.

I will not concentrate too much on the serious side of the subject, I aim to include statistics and a very brief introduction to cardiovascular disease at the start, this would not exceed 20 seconds maximum. I propose to look more into how the job has shaped Lorraine’s life, her passion and success, and how important it must have been to her for her to carry on helping patients even when she was diagnosed with cancer, and was going through countless operations and chemotherapy.



Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 20.56.50  Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 20.55.17

These are two of the five health awareness ads that I have made myself.


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3 thoughts on “160 Documentary treatment

  1. Ken Fero says:


    Been through your blog. Your approach to the treatment gives me a story and some sense of what I will see and hear. Well done. In the treatment there should be more details of location, lighting, audio, pacing. Look at it as a visual mood piece rather than a biography.

    Can you make sure all the work with me is put under a 160T2 category. Cannot find reflection for MPE or Tate?

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