Treatment for 162

A: There is a hammering on a door, it opens to reveal a dishevelled

breathless person, why? How did they get this way…

Tommy, fairly young, perhaps late twenties. He has been in love with his dear friend for many, many years – since they were young teens; however she’s married to another man. They are best friends, they share everything – she tells him everything that goes on in the marriage from good to bad, and he listens and advises his friend as well as he can, acting as a shoulder to cry on, despite his insane jealousy and irrevocable love for her.

He’s having a bad night on this particular evening, feeling down and lonely – hopeless even. He’s hitting the alcohol hard, drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels straight – maybe beer, with bottles lying around the apartment, as he lounges in his joggers and an old t-shirt whilst watching T.V. – we see pictures in the apartment, full of images of this girl, Evie – and them together, and finally at her wedding.

This is when he hears the knocking, it must be 1:20am now, and he is not expecting anybody. The knocking is frantic, loud. He is anxious, worried about opening the door, afraid of what or who he will find. As he opens the door he see’s Evie,  whom he is deeply in love with, looking disheveled, yet expressionless – despite tears running down her pale white cheeks. Her eyes are void of emotion; she seems completely out of it – traumatised.

He is worried about her state, and what has happened to her, but he is happy that she is there, in his apartment. He let’s her in and sits her down, putting the kettle on. He kneels beside her, takes her hand and asks what has happened, but she stares past him, like she doesn’t even realize he’s there.

He looks over and sees a picture of Evie and Tommy together, he reflects back to that memory, a bright day in an open field, they are acting like children, having fun. There are brief moments where it seems as though the romance may blossom, but it never does.

Tommy comes back to reality.

He becomes more worried now, he asks about her husband, where he is, if he hurt her, if they’d had a fight. He becomes angry at the thought of him hurting his friend. As his anger grows, she slowly looks at him, still expressionless. She whispers three words “he left me”.  And stares back into space. Tommy is in a dilemma, he can’t deny his relief, and it shows briefly, though he snaps back into worry, as his dear, beloved friend is in pain, and this causes him more pain, he wants her happiness more than anything. He brings her tea, sets it down, and attempts to comfort her, he offers for her to stay at his flat for as long as she needs, tells her it will all be ok, and generally reassuring her. He asks her if there was anyway they would be able to work it out, that maybe they had both just over reacted. This is when he really looks at her, really looks. He notices blood stains on her hand – they’ve tried to be scrubbed off, but light red stains remain, she stands and a blood-stained knife falls out of an inside pocket of her jacket.

Everything becomes clear, “I couldn’t let him go.” She says, coldly – in a whisper.

Tommy is evidently afraid – eyes wide and mouth open, as the panic in his expression grows, we fade out.


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