Key Concepts 105 – 72 hour challenge set: initial thoughts

My group were assigned a scene from the 2008 fantasy film ‘Twilight’. We got the scene in which Bella meets Edward’s family, but with a twist: to be shot as a traditional horror film devoid of romantic overtones, Bella is actually a vampire slayer who kills the Cullen family.

I was very pleased with the scene we were given as there are so many ways that we can convey the key codes and conventions through this idea. Obviously the concept of stereotypes, gender and sex and ideology will be very apparent in our film. We will be challenging the typical, in the style of an old fashioned, and very typical form – this means that though technically it will appear conventional, the narrative and characters will completely juxtapose typical ideas and beliefs of gender and sex.

My group came up with a good solid foundation, we decided to do research into old fashioned horror films, I took information and inspiration from four films which I thought to be relevant to our scene: the classic ‘Nosferatu’, ‘Dracula’ (1931), ‘Psycho’ and ‘Creature from the Blue Lagoon’.

I plan to do some research into old fashioned horror, stereotypes, female positions of power in films and the fantasy/action genre (such as Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and much more. In doing this I believe that we will produce an effective, well thought out narrative which will be appealing to an audience, and will manage to convey the key concepts for the 2000 word analytical essay in which I will be discussing everything in detail.

As there are seven members of the Cullen family altogether, and we have to complete this in 72 hours (which doesn’t leave much time for getting a good acting cast together) we will have to change the story, and have decided to make Edward an only child, this will make it easier for filming, with the action scenes, and more realistic for the slayer to be able to kill the entire family. Simplifying the narrative should give us a visually better outcome, allowing us to make the most out of who we have and the characters we can concentrate on in more depth in a short space of time.

After thinking about old fashioned horror we decided to make this film a black and white silent film. We will take conventions from films such as Nosferatu, using text on screen as dialogue and direction as to what is going on in the scene. This will give the film a more rustic effect.

We have written a basic script and plan to get the filming done within a day, then begin editing as soon as possible. As the original scene is based in a kitchen we will use this as our main setting area also, we have chosen a flat with a fairly large kitchen counter and space surrounding this so that we have plenty of room to move around and film. We will not be needing too many props, most will be kitchen-based e.g. plates, food, kitchen stools, knives etc. we will also use vampire teeth, which will only appear when the fight starts, and also fake blood for a visually appealing and engaging effect, typical of the horror genre.


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