Research into Cabinet of Curiosities

Over the summer we began creating our own cabinets of curiosity, to include images, clips, photographs, etc. depicting our own characteristics: what we enjoy, what we dislike, hobbies, fears, and everything else that builds a character.

To construct a believable, well thought-out character for this module, much research must be carried out so that my group and I can form a detailed narrative whilst being able to relate to the character and know how they would think and act.

When looking at my own part of this character, I would include:

My likes:
• Photography
• Walking
• Swimming
• Music
• Concerts/festivals
• Badminton
• Travelling
• Marble Hornets
• Anime
• Films
• Claymation

images for cabinet of curiosities link:

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”” title=”Cabinet of curiosities pictures” target=”_blank”>Cabinet of curiosities pictures</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”” target=”_blank”>FionaLockwood</a></strong> </div>

With everybody else’s inclusion we began planning our character, and noting down the foundation: Our cabinet of curiosities is focused upon a girl, Hayley Bennet, aged 19 who lives in the Midlands. She is a sales assistant at Next, and has had an offer for a promotion to the supervisor role, which she is pleased about. She is saving money from her job to travel (so the promotion would have been a boost to her you would have thought), she does have a boyfriend – Ethan Thompson who she has been with for two years and they have made plans to move in together, so overall we are coming into her life at what would be thought of as a highly exciting time of moving on and change.

However, Hayley finds out (by accident) that she is adopted; she finds this out through scrap books kept by her parents which contain key information such as train tickets, photos and the adoption certificate and information. This obviously angers Hayley, causing her to feel resent towards her parents as they have lied to her throughout her entire life – and had no plans on telling her the truth as far as we can tell.
She uses the information she has found to track down her orphanage and where she comes from – hoping to find her birth parents.

This is when Hayley goes missing. There are a few possibilities as to what may have happened to her on her journey, which has caused her to disappear. She may have had an accident on the way to the orphanage, or found her birth parents and been abducted by them or just decided to stay there or in the area without telling anyone. There are countless possibilities, and as a group we will pull together and find out what it is which has caused her to disappear.


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