‘X Marks the Spot’ – One Minute Showreel

Initially, I was struggling to think of an idea for my one minute showreel, with such a short length of time to fit in a narrative I began to over complicate my narrative. Soon enough I managed to think of a simple, and effective plot. It falls into the genre of romance, though this only becomes clear in the last five seconds or so. I used a sony Z5 camera to film this, and used the camera to focus/blur and change aperture levels – especially for the footage being shot outdoors as it was a very bright day, throwing off the white balance and exposure.

I was lucky to have bright, clear weather as I was able to creat a positive, light ambience and mise-en-scene. I attempted to add a variety of camera shots, angles and positioning in my short film, including close ups, tracking shots, zooms, blur to focus transitions and changing aperture levels.

I enjoyed working with the sony Z5, and feel there is still a lot to learn before I master it, and start producing films which look professional, but for a first attempt, I’m pleased with the results.


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